In progress…

This is an overview of various writing tasks and events that are underway or in planning. If anything piques your interest, please contact me to discuss.

On the desktop

Asides from the PhD write-up!

Title anonymised prior to peer review. Article with Rebekah Tauritz, Velda McCune, Andy Cross and Pete Higgins for the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (plus two other articles that Velda and Rebekah are leading on, titles tbc).

Draft article with Nancy McLean and Mirjam Neu based on our creative assessment presentation. At this point, so drafty that Nancy and Mirjam have not see a first draft!


Title anonymised during peer review. Abstract for STREAMS, the first World Conference of Environmental Humanities, 5-8 August 2020. Exciting option to present online to minimise environmental impact of travel. No indication of when feedback on outcome will be provided.

Back from reviewers

Place-responsive principles of sustainable networked learning. Paper for Networked Learning 2020, 18-20 May in Denmark. Excellent feedback from the reviewers. Deadline to return revised manuscript: 31st January 2020.

Title anonymised during peer review. Paper for Environmental Education Research. Great reviewer feedback. Deadline to return revised manuscript: March 2020.

Taking time to get messy outside the online classroom. Chapter abstract for Beyond Technology: Online Postgraduate Education in a Postdigital World, part of the Postdigital Science and Education series. Excellent feedback from reviewers and editor meetings in planning. Deadline for chapter: June 2020.

Small dandelion seed head on an old faded book
Small dandelion seed head on an old faded book. Image by Myriam Zilles (myriams-fotos-1627417) from Pixabay.