Bringing it all back home

I noticed recently that I’ve been writing in different locations, often at a point where there is a gap in my own blog. I’ve decided to create this blog post as a way of bringing those posts back home. This post also neatly pings back to the other sites, and might help to create new readerships all round 🙂 I will update it every now and again with any new posts from elsewhere in the interweb. I have included the full link to future-proof agains any broken links. At least you can trail back to the main site, if the navigation changes.

April 2020 – Making SPACES for sustainability in the veterinary medicine curriculum: a co-authored blog post for Teaching Matters about our latest sustainability project

October 2019 – Coming to terms with climate grief: a #vetsustain blog post, inspired by discussions with the steering group about the impact of climate change on mental health

September 2019 – Playing with Wicked Problems: an #altc post and related to a project on preparing students to face wicked problems

June 2019 – An Adventurous PhD: coming full circle, a blog post originally from this blog, out and slightly revised for DiscusseED #MorayHouseWrites, and back here again 🙂

April 2019 – Learning my ABT’s: a DiscussED #MorayHouseWrites post about using the “and, but, therefore” structure to improve writing, abstracts etc.

March 2019 – Learning from each other: a co-authored blog post about how a scholarly community of practice can be created through peer tutoring

July 2018 – Celebrating “Wicked” Teaching at the Vet School: talking about the Celebrating Teaching event in the R(D)SVS and the opportunity to discuss the Wicked Problems project

April 2017 – Improving academic practice with Turnitin: a co-authored blog post related to a project of the same name

October 2016 – Teaching with sustainability in the vet school: as it says on the tin, a co-authored post about how we were teaching with sustainability. This was linked to a secondment to the Institute for Academic Development, which has led to wonderful things like the Wicked Problems project, VetSustain and being a finalist for the Green Gowns award (as part of Vets Go Green! in 2017 and Sustainability Champion: Staff in 2019)

Green Gown Awards logo 2019

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